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Add Menu Item

Published on January 24, 2011 by in Joomla
Add menu item

Add menu item

This article aims to cover the basic steps involved in adding a menu item in Joomla.

From the dashboard:

  1. In the top menu hover over Menus -> Menu Manager.
  2. You will find a list of Menus, find the menu you want (i.e. “Main menu”), then select the icon to the right hand side of it in the “Menu Items” column.
  3. Select add new (green plus sign top right)
  4. Select Articles -> Article Layout
  5. Enter title – Important: this is the wording that will appear as the link in the menu & will also be taken as the title for the page (which is used to name the browser window and search engine links etc)
  6. Select position in menu hierachy
  7. Select Published = Yes
  8. Select Access level (if necessary)
  9. Select the article you want to point to (Parameters-Basic on the right hand side), you do this by clicking “select” then choosing the article you previously created in the article manager.
  10. Save
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