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“Checked out” items in Joomla

Published on February 20, 2012 by in Joomla

Checked out items in Joomla

Ever wondered what those pad locks are alongside your articles or menu items in Joomla?

As a safety feature, when ever a user starts editing an article or menu item in Joomla, the system “checks out” the file. When checked out, only the user who initiated the check out can access the file. This is a safety process which prevents two people from editing the same file at the same time, and thus losing important changes.

Checked In

Checked In

The file remains in the checked out status until the user saves, applies or cancels the process. Problems arise however, if the user who checked out the item, navigates away to another item, presses the back button or closes the browser without choosing to save, apply or cancel. In this instance the item will remain checked out, thus blocking any further users from accessing it.

In the above situation, you need to perform a Global Check In, which effectively tells joomla to reset the status of every item or article.

Joomla 1.5 Users should do the following:
Dashboard -> Tools -> Global Check In

Checked In

Checked In

Whereas Joomla 1.7 Users should do the following:
Dashboard -> Site -> Maintenance -> Global Check in

Checked In

Checked In

Note: You need to be aware that any user currently working on an item risks losing all changes if this is done while they have the item checked out. Please ensure no users are logged on.

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