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Home Web Development Creating web safe images with Pixlr.com

Creating web safe images with Pixlr.com

Creating web safe images with pixlr.com

Creating web safe images with pixlr.com

This article aims to show you how to adapt your photos taken on a digital camera or similar device, for use on the web. It turns out in these modern times, size is important… more and more people are accessing websites on mobile phones or wifi with shared or limited connection. That being the case, if you want your visitors to stay on your site, you need to make sure your images are properly formatted for the web. An image taken on a standard digital camera will generally be saved at the highest quality possible, using the full range of pixels available. This often results in individual files in excess of 3 megabytes, which for information takes a long time to download, especially if there are multiple on one page! Here follows a few steps to a) crop, b) resize and 3) reduce the quality, using the popular online image editor www.pixlr.com :

  1. Go to www.pixlr.com
  2. Open photo editorOpen photo editor
  3. Open your image from computerOpen image from computer
  4. Crop your image, by selecting the marquee tool,Select marquee tool
  5. then dragging the tool to select the area you want to crop

    Select Cropped area
  6. Select image -> crop from the drop down menuCrop image
  7. Resize your image, by selecting image -> resizeResize image
  8. Save at reduced quality, by selecting file -> save. Then select JPEG, and move the slider that controls the quality. I would generally suggest 30-40% quality, but you may need to experiment to ensure you get a level which you are happy with.Reduce the quality
  9. Save to an area on your computer, giving a clear name to indicate the new size and quality

The steps above should allow you to reduce images from over 3 Megabytes down to closer to 0.3 Megabytes. As you can see the steps involved are really quite simple, yet should yield significant results.

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